Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I got this pawsome certificate from BadAndy! Its a thanks you fur being a Forchune Teller at Andy's famuss #CarniePawty on twitter.  If you hazn't been to Carnie Pawty you haz missed lots of fun. There wuz rides an games, forchune tellers, teh purrforming anipals wuz all volunteerz who iz trying to brake into da biz. It wuz pawsome an then I gots to tell forchunes, they wuz all grate! Thanks you Andy!

Ramses Big Avenchure

Monday, July 18, 2011

Gess wat? Rammy iz nawt vurry skarded of teh catio. Him gotted kyuriuss yesterday so Her left teh door open even tho teh a/c wuz on. Then Ramses came owt, crowching low. Him cudn't halp luving teh cement to roll on. An it just happened to be dinnertime for teh birdies. They wuz putting on a show wiv lotsa chirping an flapping wings. They had skwabbuls an fites. It wuz super xciting on owr bird channel kitties! Rammy wuz amayzed an fassinayted. When there wuz lowd noizes him ran inside but then him saw that we din't get skarded so him came back. Pritty soon him wuz az comfy az us. Which iz good cuz Her says we can't send teh a/c's owtside.

 Rammy iz getting rill comfy
 We had a rainbow last nite after it rained rill hard
Mr Boots enjoying the view

Catio Update

Friday, July 15, 2011

Hai anipals! I iz so xcited cuz owr catio iz almost reddy. We haz screens up now xcept for a cupple spots wat iz getting finished tomorrow - we hopes.  So tonite wuz owr first time in da catio an it wuz amayzing!

Ramses duzn't come owt yet cuz him haz nevar been owt since hims horribul beginnings in life. I iz hoping once its all finished an kwiet arownd here maybe him will want to come play wiv us owtside.

Wat owr catio haz: 

  • screens to keep kittehs safe inside
  • a tree wiv a birdfeeder an a dish of water owtside ware we can see it rill close up
  • a cat-tree inside so we can get up high
  • a fountain to mayk pritty noizes (I duzn't need anything basides birdie songs tho)

Here iz me an Bootsie an teh catio being rill happy:

 Its a triple decker so we haz room for Rammy if he evar comes owt
 What's that, a birdie?
 Yesh! It is a birdie
 Come closer birdie
 Teh skreens on bottom are heavier kinds wat we can skratch wivowt braking
 We haz pritty trees wat birdies like to play in all day long
 This is teh life
 It wuz werth wating for
 Birdie Diner
I chirp at da birdies "eh eh eh'
 Duzn't fly away lil birdies
 See mai tale?
Life iz good in teh Old Pueblo

Stylish Blogger Award!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Mai dear furrend BabyPatches, Chief Kit at, did give me an award called Stylish Blogger!
I iz supposed to say 7 things you mite nawt know abowt me an then share dis award wiv moar furrends.

Now I haz done this afore so there probly izn't much you duzn't know abowt me alreddy but here gows:

1) I haz a spot on mai noze just like dear Baby Patches. Maybe we iz relayted?
2) I like waring pritty owtfits, IF they iz comfurtabuls an duzn't make it hard to run an jump. I wish I had az menny pritty owtfits az mai dear furrend Daisy.
3) Brushing iz nawt mai furrend, I prefurr to keep mai furz thanks you vurry muches.
4) Gushy fuds iz discusting.
5) I luvs going owtside but if I heer any noizes I duzn't like I go inside ware its safe.
6) It's no sekrit I likes to nom da toylet paperz but I also luvs to sever string wiv mai teefs, teh faster I can chew threw teh better. Watch owt all you fancy toyz on strings!
7) Duzn't tell anycat but when Her whissles I come running (yewshewally).

Iz wud like to share this award wiv efurryone but Iz will try to rite owt 7 names:

Admiral Hestorb (when your typist iz all betters)
Mr. Puddy

Thanks you for sharing this award Baby Patches!

Good Deal!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hai furrends an Happy Independince Day to all mai American pals and happy Canada Day to mai Canadian furrends an dearest husbandcat Petie.  

Here iz a noo place to get good deals on kewl stuff fur us anipals. Its called Bamzilla.Com
an they iz noo so they iz giving away a $500 Petsmart gift card to a lucky winner!
All you haz to do iz joyn teh website an find 5 furrends to joyn too.  Mai sweet furrrend Pumpkin told me abowt it. If you duzn't know Pumpkin you shud go meet her cuz her iz rill nice.

If you wants to check it owt click here an then you will cownt az one of mai 5 furrends.  Duzn't click if you duzn't want to joyn but who wud nawt want to gets 50-90% off pet products from leading online retailers??

Now go haz a grate weekend!

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