The Benny

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Teh Benny saga continews.  He iz efurryware or at least his smell is. *snort*
Ew. He also constantly follows Herz an pretends to be 'cute' an 'adorabulz' *ack ack*.

This iz one pawsibly good thing, if teh Benny can ware teh owtfits maybe us kitties won't has to get dressed up anymore. Teh Benny can do it!  Pawsitive thinking iz mai hallmark.

PeeEss: We iz having teh tropical steamy weathers.  I haz to start taking medisin again so hopefully I won't get teh azma and noomonya like I did last year arownd this time.  Paws crossed!

Benny and the End of Life As I Know It

Monday, August 6, 2012  Benny is my new *gack ack* brofur.  He is a rescue and so he is already 2 years old and he told me he's a shih-tzu.

As you can see Benny looks right at home. He has all kinds of toys but he takes my toys too, rude.

He is strange all around. He walks up to me and just stares.  RUDE!  When I hiss he just keeps staring!  He sleeps on our bed. At least it seems like sleep, he kinda looks dead and he never moves an inch. That's when I sniff him and let me tell you he STINKS!  He had a bath (eeek) and he still stinks, just like a dog or something. Ew!

None of us likes him, but we is not letting him take over. We still go wherever we want and he better just leave us alone or else!

So that's the terrible situation at our house.  Doom and gloom everywhere you look.  Except for Benny who is always happy, if he isn't sleeping like the dead.

The End (I wish)

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