Still Waiting

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hai mai dear anipals! We haz been living in dis noo howse fur too elebenty hundred dayz now an I still duzn't haz mai catio wat I wuz promised. Instead we gotted these noo floors. They iz better than stinkee carpet but ware iz mai catio?
 Owtside - where I duz nawt go
 carpet going
 carpet gone
Tile in

See that window up there? That iz looking owt ware mai catio iz gonna be. Rite now its just a patio wiv a roof. Teh back yard duz haz a big wall all arownd but She won't let us kitties play owtside acuz they hawks come down from teh sky an carries off kitties like me. I iz tappin mah toezies waiting fur da catio...tap.tap.tap...

Noo Howse

Monday, June 6, 2011

Hello dear anipals! We haz finallee moved into owr noo howse in Arizowna.  It haz been such a long avenchure to get here from Meowsachusetts but we made it!
What is this place?
First Mr Boots an I wuz staying fur a hundredy dayz wiv mai hooman brofur. That wuz okai cuz I luvs he but it wuz kinda boring too an we did miss Ramses, cuz him went ahead of us to Arizona.
I duz nawt aproov
After that hundredy dayz then mai brofur an hims furrend taked Mr Boots an me on a big airplayne. We had to travel coach an get stuffed under a seat. It wuz lowd an smelly. If I din't haz mai  brofur takin care of me I wudda had a hart attack or sumthing it wuz so horribuls.
Together again
When we gots to Arizowna we did stay at da gramparents wiv Ramses. Ramses furgotted abowt us an him wuz skarded and cried when we came. I wuz nawt feeling good after dat airplayne so I gave teh room a sniff an went UTB to chill owt. Her did give us da nipz later on an we enjoyed it, then Rammy hissed and me an Boots went UTB.
Ramses iz looking a little too comfturbul
We wuz waiting for owr furnichures to get here so we cud go to owr noo howse an finallee owr furnichures did arrive. After they puts all owr boxes in da howse we wuz stuff in owr cases again an we all cried an cried but after only a cupple of minits we wuz at owr howse an we got owt of thoze cases fur da last time.
No flashy boxes puleeze
Teh howse iz big an it haz lots of sniffs. I iz suspishush. Who wuz here bafore us? Why do they stink so much even tho they izn't here anymoar? Are they coming back? I haz lotsa kweshunz.  An now we haz werkers making lowd noizes an stuff. She sayz they iz putting in tile an taking owt da stinky carpets. I bet Iz gonna luv this howse after da stinky carpet iz gone.
You hung owr pikshures ware?
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