Happy Gotcha Day Ramses

Monday, December 27, 2010

One year ago baby Ramses came to live wiv us. Him iz a funny guy. Hims almost az big az me in hims long body but hez still skinnier than me cuz him iz still growing, but hims head iz teeny tiny (compared to mine). I say that meanz hims brainz iz smaller than mine. MOL Maybe that iz why Her calls him her baby all teh time. I duzn't think he iz evar growing up so Her can just keep him az a baby furever. See what I mean?

Why iz hims tung always sticking owt?

Can you see hims tiny head under this pink bonnet?

Well, Ramses iz teh kitten of teh fambly an I haz to admit him iz a pritty nice little guy an Iz duzn't mind him living with us at all. Happy Gotcha Day Ramses. If you wants to read abowt Ramses story you can here.

Catmas Eve

Friday, December 24, 2010

Santy Paws must think we haz been good kittehs this year!
 Can you see Mr. Boots under teh tree?
 Time for Catmas carols! Lalalalala! Falalala!
Meowy Catmas to all Falala Meow!

Happy Catmus!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Unlike mai dear furrend Daisy an her bro Harley, we duz not partikly cares for da kostooms that always seem to appeer during festiv times. Today wuz "that day". Luckily we wuz not exposed to teh horrors for vary long. An here iz wat happened.

 I duz not approoov 

Pink? Nooooo! Why iz this hat so heavy? Can't lift head... halp!


Raindeer hat off in one....two....

Mr and Mrs Petiethecat

Sunday, December 5, 2010

On December 4, 2010 I did get married to mai sweetheart Peter

It was teh most bewtiful saramoney, purrformed mai owr dear furrend Henry Steiff at The Lake in Winnipeg.

Teh luvly Emmy wuz Maidcat of Honor, an Petie's bestest, HB wuz hiz Best Man.

At teh recepchun we wuz joyned by many of owr dear furrends an we feasted on delishush noms provided by #Nipclub Catering

It wuz such a wonderful day an I iz so happy to be Mrs. Petiethecat.

Speshal thanks to owr fabulous wedding planners - an extended team led by FreshOtis and Danapixie, with much halp from Mariodacat, Mr Breeze, LilyLuWhoT, MaggieTKat, Shaynacat, TinyPearlCat , Teri, and also TigerBoyTheCat, BunnyJeanCook, Boomiethecat, Herbie_cat, Sanjeethecat, GeorgeTheDuck, ParkerSKat, MadLabM, Maverick@JinJinDoggy & @PixelDoggy and Meow_Girls.

Iz also want to thanks all teh members of our wedding pawty and most espeshly all of owr guests - you iz our gratest gift an we treshure your frendships more than anything.

Now Iz off to enjoy owr honeymoon in Bali - we'z catching fishies an napping in da sun!

More wedding pix can be viewed here.
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