Feeling Better

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thanks you fur all your kind words of encouragement.  I wanted to let you know that I iz feeling better.  I had one asthma attack yesterday an I fighted the inhaler but I probably got some of the medisin.  Today I haz not had any attacks so far.

We iz hoping that the antibiotics iz making me better an I won't haz any more attacks.  I feel good but I iz taking lots of naps so I can get all better again. I haz to keep taking that medisin fur 8 more days.

Thank you for stopping by to visit an give me encouragement to feel better.  It iz working!    Purrs, Pandy


Monday, April 23, 2012

Hai furrends, it haz been a long time but I finally got sum attenshun arownd here. Too bad it wuzn't the good kind of attenshun.

I haz been having trubble breathing again. Like last year wen we think I had pneumonia.  Well I wuz just taking a nap today wen suddenly grabby hands stuffed me in a bag and put me in the car!  I yelled an meowed pritty lowd but I ended up at that vet.

I wuz skard but I wuz brave. They did give me a shot but it didn't even hurt.  Now I haz medicine to take  in case its an infekchun an I haz a inhaler. It comes with a mask to go over my noze so I can breath in teh medisin.  I hope I duzn't need that inhaler now I got thoze shots.

 Praktising camoflaj, they won't find me next time

I will take a lil nap an I think soon I will be feeling all better but if you could send some purrs my way I wud be furry happy - thanks you furrends.

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