A Meow Fur Halp

Friday, February 24, 2012

Dear furrends it iz wiv a furry sad tail that Iz rite to tell you that last night there wuz a terribulz fire in a apartment ware owr furrends did live.  Teh @Seabasscat an @DottieGP an they mom did eskaype but they haz losted efurrythings.

Pleeze visit @GeorgeTheDuck fur a linky to nooz abowt this trajidee an fur teh Chip-in to halp.  Thanks you fur halping!

Welcome Lulu

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Allow me to introjoos mai noo sisfur Lulu! Isn't she pritty?  She came all teh way from teh UK in a cozy box.  It wuz shipped air mail from mai dear furrend Kolo hoo iz a baboon an so iz Lulu.  Lulu iz a African name cuz baboons iz from Africa, an it means 'precious' or 'pearl'.  I thinks its a purrfikt name fur Lulu cuz her iz preshush to me.



 Kissing Lulu

 Wispurring sekrits


 Cheking owt teh cat tree

 Climbing up



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