Pawcircle for Petie

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Update: Petie's mama says him levelz iz better an him going to be okais. Teh mama haz to learn abowt teh diabeteez an how to make shure Petie stay healthy. Thanks to teh power of teh purr and all your purrs4 petie! As soon as Petie gets home I iz flying to Winnipeg to help nurse him all betters.

Mai dearest fiance Petie iz verry sick wiv renal failure an diabetes. Please help me send him purrs and join in teh #pawcircle of strength an luv. Petie iz teh most speshul kitteh, an please give purrs to hims mama and daddy too who iz verry worried abowt Petie.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hai frendz! Iz haz not said much abowt Ramses cuz mostly we just leaves each other alone, an that's rilly good. Most days we do have a friendly noze-tap. Ramses is kinda shy of me, I rilly haz no idea why. Sumtimes he duz ask me to play but I think if I did play wiv him he wud run away an hide.

So today I wuz checkin stuff owt arownd teh howse and I did think it wud be intresting to sniff on Ramses. He lay down an then he raised a paw an gave me a "thwack*. It wuz a tiny *thwack* but I wuz so surprised I did run away. But I wuz laffing!


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Its a bewtiful sunshinee day an I even went out on teh deck this meowning. I hopes you all haz a bewtiful day too.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tomorrow iz Mother'z Day. She iz always calling us her babiez (rilly?) an She iz not our mom. My momkat looked just like me! But I haz to admit She duz takes care of me and helped me grow big so I guess I can be nice and wish her a happy Mother'z Day.

Happy birthday Mr Boots

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Today Mr Boots is 3 years old! He'z mai bestest rassling partner, and hez Ramses bestest buddy.
We all luvs he vurry much.

Shopping in Paris

Monday, May 3, 2010

Iz heading owt to Paris this week cuz I need to shop. I suppose you haz read abowt teh Anipal Academy Awards event? Well, I duz need a vurry speshul owtfit for that, an I also haz to find something to wear to teh wedding of HB and Stripey in September.

To make it even more fun mai frends are coming to shop wiv me - @hollieferguson, @ThatStripeyCat @HerGracetheCat an teh gentle-mankats @mariodacat, @Wildboutbirds and mai fiancee @Petiethecat will haz fun in Paris while we shop til our pawpads run owt. Hollie is inviting her speshul frend @SamTheCatRocks to come too.

Oh yay, mai dear frend @Emmythecat iz coming over from London on teh Eurostar to meet us all for lunch noms!

It will be fast to get to Paris in mai jet
We shall lap champayne in our cozy seats.

Then a pink limo will take us to Paris.
So we can shop til owr pawpads are worn owt.

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