A New Angel

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Yesterday  we lost a shining star. Owr dear friend @JinJinDoggy did run off over teh Rainbow Bridge. JinJin wuz one of mai dearest furrends on Twitter. She wuz a #Nipclub barktender with her wonderfur sisfur @PixelDoggy.  JinJin always made others smile with her sunny an sweet pawsonality.  She will be missed but we will look up an see her star shining bright.

Mai dear furrend @Pumpkinpuddy has a bewtiful Kaddish for JinJin on her bloggy here and you can also leave a message fur JinJin's family on teh Nipclub blog.

Rest in peace mai dear furrend, I luv you always, Pandy
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