Guest Blog: Ramses

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hello furrends I'm taking over Pandora's blog today. She said it was ok because she has been too busy packing up and getting ready to come join me and mom in Tucson.


I want to tell you how this moving adventure has been going so far. First I came on a huge airplane all the way from Boston to Tucson about elebenty hundred days ago. Mom brought me on the plane in my Sherpa case and it was horrible. There was lots of jerking me around and stuffing me into dark corners and it took days and days to get here.

Since we've been here I have to live in a single room with mom. The door is open but I stay in my room most of the time even though mom is always going out. I do have a great window with bird tv on all the time and mom plays fun games with me, but I'm lonely. I miss Mr. Boots and Panda soooo much. Mom keeps saying they will be coming here with us and finally she says tomorrow is the day!
Getting settled in the Sherpa carrier

I sure hope Mr Boots and Pandora like the way I have decorated the room for them.  I have lots of balls for us to play chase and I've been breaking in Pandora's new da bird toy. I only sort of nommed on the feathers just enough to make them taste gooder for her.

I'm getting ready to give purrs and snuggles to help them feel better. I hope it works so they will play games with me!

P.S. I love Wee Heidi *blush*

Happy Purrday Mr Boots!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Today Mr Boots turns 4 yearz old! 

Pleases stop by fur sum toona cake with mouse cream an all teh nip you can handle, we haz balloonz an ping pong balls, chew toyz an lots of boxes to play in. It's going to be a fun pawty, we hope to see you here.

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