Bowtie Cat Chaser - New Product Review

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Update 10/27: there are different kinds of chasers, Pandora actually has the Bowtie, not the Ringtail.  The kitties ran off with the package label and I didn't realize I was using the wrong name for her toy.

Guest blog by: Pandora's Staff
Pandora is allowing me to write this product review on her behalf because she is too busy playing with the Ringtail Bowtie Cat Chaser toy that she got in the mail yesterday.
The first thing I saw when I brought in the mail yesterday afternoon was an envelope from Nip and Bones.  Pandora is a member of Baby Patches' Tester Team for new products at the online pet store Nip and Bones, and this was the first package we had received.  

Before we could test the new toy I had to run a quick errand, so I left the mail on the counter and off I went.  When I got home, the package was gone.  You can't keep my kitties away from a good toy.  
Luckily it wasn't too difficult to find the unopened package.  The cats were gathered around, so I opened it up. The enclosed packet includes two Bowtie Cat Chaser Toys as seen in the first picture, which I tossed across the room one at a time.  

All three kitties were on the chase!  There are only two toys so Pandora and Ramses ended up getting the first playtime. Don't worry, Mr. Boots has been playing with them too.
Ramses approaches with caution
Ramses executes a complicated cross-paw technique
Pandora closes in on the unsuspecting toy
Calculating best angle of approach
All three cats love the Bowtie Cat Chaser Toy.  The toys have been tossed in the air to catch or chase, pushed across the floor like hockey pucks, kicked around like soccer balls and carried all over the house. The cats have even taken them out on the catio, where they are usually too engaged in bird-watching to bother with toys.  

We have a consensus, 3 out of 3 cats approve of the Bowtie Cat Chaser Toy.

Pandora's final rating = 4 paws up  

Pawty in teh Desert!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saguaro National Monument 
Dear Anipals you iz invyted to a pawty at mai howse!  Its a twitta pawty on November 5 called #AZPawty.  Efurryone is invited an you can R.S.V.P. here:
I iz taking efurryone on a tour of Sabino Canyon an then we go to mai howse and pawty on da catio! There will be noms, drinks and plenty of nip! Music, barktenders an fun!  
Iz mite even haz sum pwizes to gives away so I hopes you can come.  
See you on November 5!
My Howse


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Its a bewtiful and cold Caturday meowning in suthern arizowna an Iz enjoying a napz in teh sunshine.  I'z all better after being sick an yesterday wuz mai last day of medicayshunz.  We iz all so happy that I feel good again. I saw teh vet an he lissened to mai lungs an said they iz sownding betters. I haz not coffed enymoar so I duzn't haz to tayk eny moar medisin.   

Thanks you to all of mai furrends for your luvs, caring an support. So many dear anipals sat on #Pandysporch ovar on twitter, or stopped by here on mai bloggy to wish me well. I cud feel that luv an it halped me stay strong an get well. I luvs mai anipals vurry much.

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