Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I iz nawt a modelcat.  I haz a dear furrend Daisy hoo iz a topcat model. Her iz gorjush of corss, an extreemly fotojenix.  That meenz her looks grate in pikchurez an nows lots of pozes.  

Well you iz probly aksing yerself, but Pandora iz so gorjush, why izn't her a modelcat?  Well I thinks I haz menchuned preeveeyusly that I duz nawt care fur teh pawpawrazzi an they flashy box.  It terns owt that modeling rekwires pozing in front of teh flashy box fur moar than sekonds at a time.  Once I lerned this distressing fakt I new I wud nevar be a topcat model. An now I shows you wat happens wen teh pawpawrazzi strikes.  

Herz lerned of sum stoopy hoomans thing called Inbread Cat meme an this iz wat went down this meowning:


Monday, January 23, 2012

Dear furrends Iz so excited an happy to gets this bewtyful pawtrait from mai dearest husbandcat Petie.  Herz did get a frame so I can haz it in mai room an see it enytime I likes.  Teh backgrown iz pink, which happens to be mai color. I think it makes me look even more bewtyfuls an it matches mai Hello Kitty pillow an blankie purrfiktly! Thanks you dearest Petie, you iz teh bestest husbandcat a kitteh cud evar haz. Thanks you to teh artist who iz @Zaziart on twitter an here iz her website
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