Happy Gotcha Day Ramses

Monday, December 27, 2010

One year ago baby Ramses came to live wiv us. Him iz a funny guy. Hims almost az big az me in hims long body but hez still skinnier than me cuz him iz still growing, but hims head iz teeny tiny (compared to mine). I say that meanz hims brainz iz smaller than mine. MOL Maybe that iz why Her calls him her baby all teh time. I duzn't think he iz evar growing up so Her can just keep him az a baby furever. See what I mean?

Why iz hims tung always sticking owt?

Can you see hims tiny head under this pink bonnet?

Well, Ramses iz teh kitten of teh fambly an I haz to admit him iz a pritty nice little guy an Iz duzn't mind him living with us at all. Happy Gotcha Day Ramses. If you wants to read abowt Ramses story you can here.

Catmas Eve

Friday, December 24, 2010

Santy Paws must think we haz been good kittehs this year!
 Can you see Mr. Boots under teh tree?
 Time for Catmas carols! Lalalalala! Falalala!
Meowy Catmas to all Falala Meow!

Happy Catmus!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Unlike mai dear furrend Daisy an her bro Harley, we duz not partikly cares for da kostooms that always seem to appeer during festiv times. Today wuz "that day". Luckily we wuz not exposed to teh horrors for vary long. An here iz wat happened.

 I duz not approoov 

Pink? Nooooo! Why iz this hat so heavy? Can't lift head... halp!


Raindeer hat off in one....two....

Mr and Mrs Petiethecat

Sunday, December 5, 2010

On December 4, 2010 I did get married to mai sweetheart Peter

It was teh most bewtiful saramoney, purrformed mai owr dear furrend Henry Steiff at The Lake in Winnipeg.

Teh luvly Emmy wuz Maidcat of Honor, an Petie's bestest, HB wuz hiz Best Man.

At teh recepchun we wuz joyned by many of owr dear furrends an we feasted on delishush noms provided by #Nipclub Catering

It wuz such a wonderful day an I iz so happy to be Mrs. Petiethecat.

Speshal thanks to owr fabulous wedding planners - an extended team led by FreshOtis and Danapixie, with much halp from Mariodacat, Mr Breeze, LilyLuWhoT, MaggieTKat, Shaynacat, TinyPearlCat , Teri, and also TigerBoyTheCat, BunnyJeanCook, Boomiethecat, Herbie_cat, Sanjeethecat, GeorgeTheDuck, ParkerSKat, MadLabM, Maverick@JinJinDoggy & @PixelDoggy and Meow_Girls.

Iz also want to thanks all teh members of our wedding pawty and most espeshly all of owr guests - you iz our gratest gift an we treshure your frendships more than anything.

Now Iz off to enjoy owr honeymoon in Bali - we'z catching fishies an napping in da sun!

More wedding pix can be viewed here.


Friday, November 19, 2010

Last weekend wuz teh combined wedding shower/bachelor pawty at teh Westgate Smokey Mountain Resort in beautiful Gatlinburg, TN. Teh pawty wuz followed on twitta wiv #PPPawty an it so much fun that it haz taken me all week to recover enuff to update mai bloggy!

Mai dear furrend Mario organized teh pawty wiv lots of help from Maggie, Otis, Lily, HB, Emmy, Mr Breeze and Dana. Other dear furrends helped wiv DJ'ing (Shayna, George, Parker) and barktending (Sanjee, Herbie, Boomie, Meow Girls and Pearl). Delishus noms wuz provided by Java (see teh menu here  http://web.me.com/javaspot/PandP/Menu.html ). 

Lots an lots of anipals came an we did shopping an there wuz hiking, then swimming, spa time an lots of games and dansing an general revelries!  We did get lots of fabulus gifts, so many I can't list em all but there iz lots of grate pix taken by our pawtographer, Dana an you can see them here http://hashalbum.com/pppawty .  There wuz also a rilly speshul danse performance - check it owt here  http://sendables.jibjab.com/view/mvkuDAVMX3ygBf0p .

Petie an I did have so much fun, it wuz rilly speshul to haz so many dear furrends help us share teh fun celebrayshun for our last days of single-catness.  Teh wedding iz just over a week away! OMC I haz lots to do so I better get buzy.

Thanks you to all of owr dear furrends - we luvs you!

Blog Blast For Peace

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Today is all about peace and we luvs peace except when we is wrestling so please

Luvs, purrs and peace - Pandy, Mr Boots and Ramses

Find out more about The Blog Blast for Peace HERE!

Happy Halloween

Friday, October 29, 2010

Bridesmaid Dress

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The dress that I decided on iz number 1 (see post below).  I thinks lots of anipals like it an well, its mai favrite. I adore the color and teh sparkle and I thinks it will look bewtiful on all da bridesmaid cats, dog an bunny.  

Mai bridesmaids are all bewtiful an if you duzn't know them you can meet them on twitta with these names:

Maid-cat of honor: @Emmythecat

Bridesmaid Cats and Dog and Bunny:
@SeattleP (Jeego)

Flower girl-cat: @SantinaKitteh

Now what shoez should I decide on? I just luvs shoez!


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Az I menchuned we iz taking a trip to Paris this Saturday to shop for bridesmaid gownz. These gowns must be pink! Az we have limited time I is going to post some pikshures of dresses that I like. During teh #ParisShopping trip on twitta anipals can vote on which ones they likes best, by leaving comments for teh one they like. In teh intrist of full diskloshure teh bride iz gonna decide which ones to use, but I will consider teh votes strongly, heehee. Also bridesmaid mite bring other dressez that I haz not seen yet and I can add those here for voting.









SHOE - Just a shoe I thowt mite be cutes wiv teh bridesmaid dress, if da anipal wants to wear shoez of course!



Getting Married

Dear furrendz if you haz not heard teh nooz already I wud like to announce dat I iz marrying mai sweetheart, @Petiethecat. We met on twitter and Petie did fall in luvs wiv me but I wuz involved wiv a dear frend on a very open relayshunship an I thawts I did not want to evar be serious and settle down to marry. But thanks to twitta bein such a frendly place I did keep being frendz wiv @Petiethecat and I started to fall in love wiv he. We gotted engajed an Peter did give me a bewtiful diamond ring, but I wuz still wary of entering teh matrimoneeal condishun. Time went on an I just luv Petie more efurry day, I realized I did want to be hiz wifecat an so I proposed to Petie by placing a pawsonal ad in the Anipal Times. I wuz so happy when Petie said YES! I did sprize him a lot an I iz happy that I cud sprize him wiv something so grate.

We are having teh wedding on December 4, and efurryone iz invited. You can find teh informayshunz here an I do hopes you can attend.

@FreshOtis, with help from @danapixie are sharing their talents wiv us an haz kindly agreed to be our wedding planners, so if you haz any kweshunz they can help.

Our frendz are holding a joing wedding shower/bachelor pawty on Nov. 13, I hopes you can come it will be so much fun! http://twtvite.com/pppawty.

Coming up this weekend I iz taking mai bridemaids to Paris to shop for their bridesmaid dressez. I am inviting all da anipals who woud like to come haz a fun day in Paris to come wiv us on mai private jet. You can find out more here.

Anipal Photo Hunt Week 4: My Bed

Monday, September 6, 2010

Here iz mai fanciest bed

An here iz Ramses helping hisself to teh big bed! Da noive!

Anipal Photo Hunt Week 3: My Favorite Toy

Sunday, August 29, 2010

This time in Cokie's photo hunt iz abowt favrite toyz an this be mine - it's mai plague ratsie wat iz Barnabus.

I luvs him lots, he sniffs good an I can put teh bitey on him wivout braking him. He haz a rilly long tail that iz good for nomming on too.

Anipal Photo Hunt Week 2: Pawtraits

Monday, August 23, 2010

This week in Cokie's Photo Hunt iz pawtraits so here iz mai buzy paws!

 Here they iz! Mai paws when I iz plotting, er planning mai next move!

This iz how I keeps mai clawz nice n sharp for catching things!

And here they iz akshully catching mai favrite skwiggler toy from mai BFF @Emmythecat

You Lookin at Me?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cokie teh cat iz having a photo hunt, Iz just a little late but here we go!




Happy 4th of July!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Mr Boots put on hims pawtriotic hat an sends good wishes to efurryone for a happy weekend.

5 Kweschunz Game

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mai furrend Shawnee  did gives me 5 kweschuns wat I'z sposed to answer, an then I haz to make up 5 new kweschuns to ask 5 of my furrendz. It's a fun game!

Wot be you fave toy or stuffie?
That's easy, mai favrite toy iz mai new cube. It's teh gratest cuz it tastes good, its a howse, its a bed, an it's a toy. Plus nocat can get me when I'z in mai cube!

Wot is the one thing you would most like to change about the werld?
I wud like it to be a safer werld ware anipals all had furever homes an did haz peepuls to make each other happy.

If'n you could has one super powah, wot would it be?
i already duz haz a sooper power...I can fly! So far its just from teh dresser to teh chair an that kinda flying but it iz a sooper power an it will let me be up high an see effurything! I mite be abul to play wiv those birdies someday too.

Wot is you most skeered of?
Well ahem, I iz kinda skarded of lotsa things but teh thing that skares me mostest of efurrything iz if I think I'z might get put in water. One time She did think I needed mai furz cleaned (I did NOT). I did put mai clawz owt an then I started breathin rilly fast an I think She did callz it high-purr ventalating. I wuz nevar so skarded in all mai life! An guess wat? I did not get wetted eithur.

Wot does you see in the pikshur below?
This picture iz a bare wat iz waring pants.

Okai here iz mai 5 kweschunz an I'z asking them to 5 furrendz: George The Duck, Mario, The Monkeys, Herbie an Pumpkin.
1. Who iz your bestest furrend?
2. What iz your favrite place to napz?
3. Duz you haz a hobby?
4. If you culd go anyware in teh werld, ware wud you goes?
5. Wat's teh cutest thing abowt you?

A New Toy

Monday, June 28, 2010

Iz did get a new toy! It iz a pop-up cat cube and its purple. I luv it even tho it iz not pink like mai old cube that had white polka-dots too. This one tastes good an I get inside so nobody can get me. Anycat that comes by gets teh paw thru these holes you can see.

First this fake kitteh did want in, then Mr. Boots came along an wanted in - they got teh paw!
Are you still here?

Welcome Newby

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Iz did win a pwize from mai frend @i_am_fuzzy who iz a bare in teh UK. When it arrived it wuz a new frend for us an him name iz Newby.
Newby iz choklate brown wiv curly furz an a black noze. Izn't he handsome? Mr. Boots and Ramses are checkin him owt in this picshure. We all luvs Newby an I think he luvs us too.  Thanks you so much for letting Newby come lives wiv us Fuzzy.

A Speshul Guest Post from Ramses

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Note from Pandy: Ramses dansed and dansed with mai BFF Emmythecat's sisfur wee Heidi at the #dudefest last weekend. Evur since him not stop meowin abowt wee Heidi. He did write a powem for her an him did give me a treetz soz I wuld put it on mai bloggy for him. Soz here it iz.

Ode to Wee Heidi
By Ramses

Eyez of bloo an pricky earz. Lil tiny noze wat iz pink like a rose.
Four little pawz wiv sharp sticky clawz.
Twirly tail, tiger stripes, efurrything I seez I likes.
The End.

Pawcircle for Petie

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Update: Petie's mama says him levelz iz better an him going to be okais. Teh mama haz to learn abowt teh diabeteez an how to make shure Petie stay healthy. Thanks to teh power of teh purr and all your purrs4 petie! As soon as Petie gets home I iz flying to Winnipeg to help nurse him all betters.

Mai dearest fiance Petie iz verry sick wiv renal failure an diabetes. Please help me send him purrs and join in teh #pawcircle of strength an luv. Petie iz teh most speshul kitteh, an please give purrs to hims mama and daddy too who iz verry worried abowt Petie.
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