Halp Save Lennox

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mai pal @FrugalDougal of Paws Around The World alerted me to this storee abowt Lennox. Him needs owr halp to save this pore doggy in Ireland wat iz going to be put down for no reezon.

Dougal said all abowt wat iz happening to Lennox iz acuz him looks a certain way an its nawt rite to kill sumdog just cuz of their looks. Lennox iz a good dog an he nevar hurt anybunny an hims fambly iz sad.

Please read abowt Lennox here and sign teh petishun an if you wud like to halp even moar then pleeze join this blog hop an post abowt Lennox.

Thanks you dear anipals.

Paws for Japan World Vet Day

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dear furrends az I menchuned in mai last blog today iz World Vet Day ware lotsa us will be bloggin or tweetin or FB'in abowt this event to raize monees to halp teh anipals wat are in trubble from teh erthkwake, fires, tsoonami an newklear radeeyashunz.  Rite now Japan iz having big troubles an they needs owr halp moar than evar.  If you can halp even just a tiny bit can make a big diffrince.

For lots of deetailed an up-to-teh-minit informayshunz abowt wat iz happening in Japan Iz rekomend you go to   "The Stunning Cathy Keisha's" Blog    http://www.stunningkeisha.com/ wat iz being kept updated with new informayshunz. I lerned a lot reading this report an you mite be sprized wat you can lern so check it owt.

Thanks you all for halping to spred teh meow.


Monday, March 14, 2011

Paws for Japan

Dear Furrends, on Thursday March 17 Iz gonna pawticipayte in "Paws for Japan" a joint online effort to raze green papers for World Vets, a group based out of the U.S. that iz werking to halp teh anipals affected by teh erthkwake an tsoonami in Japan.

All you haz to do to pawticipayte iz blog or tweet or FB abowt teh event an rayzing monies for da anipals. There iz gonna be a blog hop too!

You can find owt more informayshunz an get teh code to add a badge to your payj at Paws for Japan.

Japan Disaster Relief

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dear anipals here iz a linky to a chip-in for halping da anipals in Japan after this disasterous erthkwake an tsoonami.   If you can even halp just a lil bit it means a lot to teh anipals, thanks you!

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