Sunday, February 27, 2011

Erthkwake in Noo Zealand

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dear anipals there wuz a terribuls erthkwake in Christchurch in Noo Zealand and they need owr halp.

Mai dear furrend from Noo Zealand, Rumblepurr haz a linky to da NZ ASPCA on hims bloggy here

Please purrr for our anipal and human furrendz in Noo Zealand, they need owr purrs now moar than evar.

If you can donayte visit Rumblebum's site and look fur da ChipIn box fur NZ ASPCA.

 Thanks you for all da purrs.


PS I haz now put teh NZ Chip-In on mai bloggy, near top right side. Thanks you for your support.

My Valentine for Petie

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dearest Petie, I iz teh luckiest kitteh to haz your az mai furever Valemtimes. I luvs you furever ♥♥♥

Stylish Blogger Award

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wow! Mai furrend Mario over at Mario's Meowsings haz given me the Stylish Blogger's Award. Iz so honored, after all mai pink hat iz vary stylish so purrhaps mai bloggy can be stylish too. Thanks you for passing on this award dear Mario.

Now I'z gonna tell you 7 things about myself that you don't know:

  1. I like to taste strawberry ice cream but only if it served to me on a spoon, melted
  2. Mai purr iz teh lowdest one of us 3 kitties, She sayz I sownd like a rusty motor 
  3. I iz nawt a skardycat, I iz cawshuss
  4. I can get thru an open door faster than anything, you can't keep me out of teh closet human!
  5. I luvs to have scritches an pets, but only as long az I say
  6. Do not brush me or trim mah claws, or I will show you teh paw an that iz not an idle warning I haz been sharpening mah claws 
  7. I used to sharpen mah claws on teh son's leather chair, but he mooved owt an She haz been watching teh leather chair in da living room vary closely. Soon, chair...soon.

Now I pass this award on to 7 other bloggers who deservs it, so concats to

Busy Buttons
Kruse Kats
Shawnee The Shep
Spitty The Kitty

These are all grate anipals wiv fun an intresting bloggies that you shud definitly check owt!

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