Monday, August 31, 2009

So mai frend Sid duzn't has a bloggy an I said, "good, that gives me an excuse to put Sid on my blog".  I's excited cuz Sid is a verry speshul pal of mine. Sid is a catahoula. That's a fancy word!  He is part leopard, he can do the hula an he purrz like a kitty! He is also verry sweet an adorabuls.  Here are the 7 awesome things abowt Sid as told me by Sid.

I, Sid, am awesome because:

1. I'm a good cuddler
2. I love kitties
3. I am a dog who makes big Catahoula Leopard Dog purrrs.
4. I'm very smart. I know lots of fun commands, including "Wake up Matt!"
5. I'm the best ball player ever
6. I get to sleep in the bed with my people at night.
7. I have my own twitter and have met lots of wonderful friend there! 

Pawsome Pandora

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Oh wowz! I haz been asked by Georgetheduck (a real sweet quacker!) and Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artangan Rumblepurr (don't their names make you swoon?) to participayte in an interweb meme, wot an honor! I am suppose to give 7 reasons why I'm awesome, and then tag 7 others to play too.

1) I'm awesome becuz I is royal
2) I has lots of jools an stuff
3) I has my very own kitty named Mr. Boots that I loves
4) Francis the bare loves me and I loves he

5) I is fierce, strong an fast!
6) I has exotic adventures wiv mai pals
7) I makes mai purrson smile evry day
Now I supposed to share this wiv 7 frendz:
SidTheCatahoula who duz the hoola
CatNamedSinbad has da bestest adventures
CaplinROUS is famouse and pawsome
MizzBassie a beautiful an talented lady
Jazzydacat a nawty pritty puss
Iamtilley the lovely sisfur of mai dear
Flothecat beautiful amour of SirFreddieElvis

Pawpawty Aug 28-29

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hai Pals! The next pawpawty is Aug 28-29 an this time the theme is Woodstock so it's time to get your pawty on. This is my Woodstock look, what do you think? More pawpawty details on FrugalDougal's bloggy.

The charity we are raising funds for is RomeoTheCat's FURRpower charity TEARS, based in Alabama. More details on Romeo's & FrugalDougal's blogs.

Butterfly Falls

Friday, August 14, 2009

This is a beautiful werk of art done by my dear frend @CatnamedSinbad who is kwite an adventurer as well as being talented, smart, funny and beautiful in all ways.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Black Kitty Pawty August 6

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

One of my frends on twitter who is called @Bubumeow is having a #blackkittypawty on Thursday, August 6th. You duzn't has to be black, or a kitty to come to this pawty. Also, the pawty is free but will be fundraising for the GA Funny Farm. There is more information about the pawty here

I is going to the pawty, and Mr Boots is coming. He is lucky that he is purrfectly dressed for the pawty.
We hope to see you there #blackkittypawty

Helping Out in Memory of Lost Loved Ones

Sunday, August 2, 2009

I has met lots of grate tweeples on twitter. That includes anipals and humans as well as other critters of all kinds. It's a wonderful way to has fun, give an get support, and learn new things. 

Recently I has met @gafunnyfarm which is the twitter personality for The Funny Farm, a  non-profit free-roam animal sanctuary in the state of Georgia. Right now they is raising funds to help pay for a fence for 2 acres of land set aside for kitties.  If you make a donayshun you can haz a plaque in memory of a speshul kitty an help lots an lots of new kitties at the same time.

If you can help these kitties I know they would be rilly happy an purr for you.  Thanks you!
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