Mai Noo Dress

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kitties! I went shopping in Paris teh other day an look wat I gotted - a bewtiful sundress. This will be purrfikt for hawt Arizona dayz.
 Here I iz modeling in mai windowsill
 It might be hard to see but it haz ruffulz an pink bows wiv krystal hearts.
 Mr. Boots thinks teh pink flowers on mai dress sniff good.
 I think Ramses iz jealous!
 Enough sniffing mai dress!
Ta da!

Leopard Style

Monday, April 18, 2011

Today we iz modeling noo harnesses wat iz fur when we goes on da airplane. I think they way sumthin like elebenty gazillion pownds acuz when its on I haz to slink low to da grownd. Ramses din't think he cud walk in it. Mr Boots haz not tried it on yet. Him iz fast an knows when stuff iz nawt funs.

 duz this make me look too skinnee?
 I shall snoopervize teh packing of all boxez
 Come just a little closer to mah clawz...
Strike a poze
Ramses can't...move...his...legs

Happy Purrday Ramses

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Oh dear! Ramses turned 2 yearz old on Munday an nocat remembered! Pore baby Rammy, so tooday we did haz a nice pawty fur him.

We had nip-tea wiv lil tiny toona sammiches an lots of delishush teensy nip-treatz. It wuz a purrday teapawty.

 After we nommed we wuz feelin frisky an we played chase an run. We had balloons floating arownd an nip wuz efurryware. Teh pingpong balls wuz batted an teh wigglerz wuz wiggled.

After all teh nomming an playing we did haz a tired. Today wuz cold n rainy so we terned teh fire on an teh eyez off. We all had teh nicest snooozes an dreamed of nip an turning 2.
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