Happy Birthday To Me!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I just realized that today I iz 4 yearz old. For a Maine Coon kitty that means I iz offishully a full-grown big-gurl now. An for speshuls treat today I haz sunpuddles! I know wat I iz going to do today - sunbathe in da  nood!

 I started owt as a teeny tiny skweeker.

 Then I started to grow big

Now I iz a big, strong, fierce, bewtiful floofy princess.

Sunpuddle Sunday

Sunday, January 10, 2010

We can haz sunpuddles today
Ramses gets some too
Hey, dats mai scratcher

Mr Boots an Ramses iz pals.

Sleepy Saturday

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ramses gets cozy in teh middle of all teh pillows, him smart!
I'z on mai henry blankie, keeping up with grooming.
And there is Mr Boots, in one of our beds under the window. We'z all cozy an sleepy today.


Saturday, January 2, 2010

I haz to would likes to introdoos mai new brofur. Hiz name iz Ramses an he iz almost 1 year old. He haz some Maine Coon an maybe Siamese too cuz he haz a pointy noze an he talks lots.  

Hiz arrival came az a complete shock to me. First She left us over teh holiday, then She iz only home one day an this kitten shows up.  Mr Boots an I were not happy abow this introoder, even tho She promised us we would like he.

Well, here iz teh story dat reskew ladee told us. Dis lady wuz walking in a field an she fownd a box an it wuz full of kittens. They kittens wuz covered in filth an had burns from teh amonia an infextions too.  But the kittens gotted reskewed an fixed up to be healthy an go to foster homes until they fownd furever homes. Can you imagine someone who could do such a thing?

Since he came I haz been keeping a close eye on this kitten. He's not dumb an he may be planning something nawty. 

I haz already caught Ramses playing wiv mai plague ratsies, as a matter of fact he iz playing wiv all of mai toys! He claims to come from a long line of royal cats but he better learn dat I iz teh Queen of mai domayne.  

Also, he iz not allowed to take over mai puter. I iz having to guard it sinse I caught him trying.
Mr Boots haz been his ushual grayshus self an buddy'd up to Ramses. He is akting like they iz frendz. But that kitten is skareded of me, so I know something isn't kwite rite. I shall continue to watch he until I figure owt wat hiz game iz.

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