PawPawty Home

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hi evryone! I has been bad abowt updating the bloggy but I want to share with you a great new resource by my great frend @FrugalDougal.  Dougal has a new pawpawty home page. It is verry nice and has all the information about pawpawties, the charities being supported, pawty schedules, contact information and lots more!

Tilley The Beautiful

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

This is a lucky week becuz now I introduce a lovely lady cat named Tilley. Tilly is absolutely gorgeous, just like her beautiful sisfur Flo. Tilly is also AWESOME for a whole bunch of reasons so she is playing the awesome meme too! Here is what Tilley says:

I'm awesome because:
1). I'm called Therapy Cat whatever that means
2). I sing Jingle Bells with Mommy
3). I'm the softest cat in the world
4). I can climb the curtains all the way to the top.
5). I can type.
6). I help make the bed and do the laundry.
7). I have good pals on Twitter!

And here is the 7 frends Tilley tag:

Tilley sent me some piktures and these is her werds.

A little about the pics:
I like helping out with photo shoots but don't call me a gofer, I'm a cat.

I decided to pretend I was Mommy and go look for a job. Like my attache case?
This is my encore after Madame Butterfly. The shot is a little blurry due to the excitement in the air.
This is monster. He roars loud and makes a mess on our balcony. I don't like him.
Here I am spying on monster.
I like to spend time with Mom and Dad - especially when it pertains to cheese puzzles.
Here's Flo and I waiting for the other anipals to arrive on #pussycatisland!
Snuggles with my twin sister Flo.
This is my therapy cat look (whatever that means). If the humans stare in my eyes and let me purrr on them they feel all better.
Thank you so much for sharing your piktures an story Tilley, you is pawsome!
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