Monday, August 31, 2009

So mai frend Sid duzn't has a bloggy an I said, "good, that gives me an excuse to put Sid on my blog".  I's excited cuz Sid is a verry speshul pal of mine. Sid is a catahoula. That's a fancy word!  He is part leopard, he can do the hula an he purrz like a kitty! He is also verry sweet an adorabuls.  Here are the 7 awesome things abowt Sid as told me by Sid.

I, Sid, am awesome because:

1. I'm a good cuddler
2. I love kitties
3. I am a dog who makes big Catahoula Leopard Dog purrrs.
4. I'm very smart. I know lots of fun commands, including "Wake up Matt!"
5. I'm the best ball player ever
6. I get to sleep in the bed with my people at night.
7. I have my own twitter and have met lots of wonderful friend there! 


The Island Cats said...

Sid sounds pretty awesome!

Amy said...

Thanks for introducing us to Sid - he sounds like a very cool guy!

Shawnee the Shepherd said...

That Sid is awesome and awesome of you Pandora to features him on your bloggie.

The Creek Cats said...

It was so nice to meet Sid and lear all of those very pawsome things about him!

Sid said...

*mwuah* Pandora, you are the sweetest kitty girl ever. I am awesome from your influence.

Christine said...

Sid is the bestest evers! Woof Hoo!

Your Daily Cute said...

Hi Sid! You ARE awesome! :)

Flo said...

*high paw* Sid!

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