Pawsome Pandora

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Oh wowz! I haz been asked by Georgetheduck (a real sweet quacker!) and Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artangan Rumblepurr (don't their names make you swoon?) to participayte in an interweb meme, wot an honor! I am suppose to give 7 reasons why I'm awesome, and then tag 7 others to play too.

1) I'm awesome becuz I is royal
2) I has lots of jools an stuff
3) I has my very own kitty named Mr. Boots that I loves
4) Francis the bare loves me and I loves he

5) I is fierce, strong an fast!
6) I has exotic adventures wiv mai pals
7) I makes mai purrson smile evry day
Now I supposed to share this wiv 7 frendz:
SidTheCatahoula who duz the hoola
CatNamedSinbad has da bestest adventures
CaplinROUS is famouse and pawsome
MizzBassie a beautiful an talented lady
Jazzydacat a nawty pritty puss
Iamtilley the lovely sisfur of mai dear
Flothecat beautiful amour of SirFreddieElvis


Jazzydacat said...

Aww! Fank Q so much Pandafur! I am so exciteds to be mentioned in your Bloggy! You are such a wuvverly floofy girly whom I luvs muchly!

Mwuahs and cuddles all over!

Love ya!
Jazzy XXXX

Daisy said...

You are very, very filled with awesomeness! I love your beautiful jewels!

Caplin Rous said...

You are awesome, Pandafur! One of my first twitter friends and one of the best. And so beautiful too!

Sid said...

Aww, those are the best photos! You are lovely as always but the photo with you laying on your fuzzy back is my favorite. You are so sweet to think of me, dear Pandora.

My human needs to give me a bloggy now so I can answer!

The Creek Cats said...

Pandafur, you pawsomely awesome!
We just love your adventure pic!! Too cute!

Tilley said...

OMC I got mentioned on Pandora's blog! Will I come up in a Google search then? Oh, I hope so! I don't have a blog so I will answer here.
I'm awesome because:
1). I'm called Therapy Cat whatever that means
2). I sing Jingle Bells with Mommy
3). I'm the softest cat in the world
4). I can climb the curtains all the way to the top.
5). I can type.
6). I help make the bed and do the laundry.
7). I have good pals on Twitter!

Hmmm - How do I tag anipals?

Flo said...

Wow what a weekend! First a Woodstock #pawpawty now a tag by the beautiful Pandora. I will write my first blog post with my awesomeness answers. Big Flo hug!

Sid said...

Since I don't have a blog I'm going to copy pretty Tilley and do it here. I, Sid, am awesome because:

1. I'm a good cuddler
2. I love kitties
3. I am a dog who makes big Catahoula Leopard Dog purrrs.
4. I'm very smart. I know lots of fun commands, including "Wake up Matt!"
5. I'm the best ball player ever
6. I get to sleep in the bed with my people at night.
7. I have my own twitter and have met lots of wonderful friend there!

Shawnee the Shepherd said...

You is so very pawsome, Pandora. And I did not noes you has jools. That is very kewl.

Amy said...

Pandora you are awesome! And you look cute in all your pictures!

MizzBassie said...

I am ever so proud and flattered to be mentioned in your blog, Pandora. I need just one reason for your pawesomeness: you're my friend. Purrrrrrrrrs.

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