Trouble is Wet

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hello everyone! We has had lots of excitement at our house. I don't like lots of excitement that doesn't focus on me.  There was a problem with the washing machine an the house flooded.  Look at the giant machines that are drying our house out.
The machines make loud noises an scare me, but I moved upstairs to the extra bedroom and it's a little quiet here so I feel safe. She has moved up with me and of course, Mr Boots is up here too. Mr Boots is not scared though. He likes to greet the workers and see what machines and tools they have. He is a friendly and adventurous man-cat.  I prefer to stay safe in a strategic corner with a view of the door and the window. Here I am cuddling up with my plague ratsie.

And finally, after all the excitement I calmed down and took a napz.



Jadielady said...

I and my kitties know exactly how you feel.
We had a house flood last summer, and the kitties had to go stay with friends for two weeks. I am glad that you had a safe place within your home where you could stay!

Baby Patches said...

Awww! I knows it is loud but it looks likes they are gettings your house back to normal for you. You looks so cute wif your Plague Ratsie.

I has an award for you on my blog today! Comes by to sees and pick it up! *nosetap*

Pinky Ash and Boo said...

That does not sound like fun Pandafur,we're sorry you flooded.

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