Friday, May 15, 2009

Our howse is back with floors so we is happy and we also got NEW TOYS! First we got a new plague ratsie from our friend Morris.
The package smelled sooo good, Mr Boots is opening, and I is helping.
Our ratsies love each other!
Oh a big box came too! Toys She ordered for us from Babypatches mama (Just4Pets).
What's inside?

A kikeroo, a house-mouse and a catnip rainbow that is driving me crazy! YAY!
We love our new toys, thank you so much Morris and BabyPatches (and your mama)!


The Creek Cats said...

Those are all great toys!!! Fun fun fun!!

We have our eyes on the rainbow cat nip toy next!

Reese =^..^= said...

Enjoy all those toys! Looks like loads of fun.

Daisy said...

Hooray for Plague Ratsies!

Amy said...

Wow, those are great toys - I just ordered one of the kikeroos today! I almost got the rainbow too, but I got the heart shaped toy instead - we used to have one kind of like it but we had to get rid of it. It is good to see you like your stuff so much!!

Have a fun weekend!

Baby Patches said...

I just luvs dat picture of you wif dat rainbow NIP pillow! It wonderfur huh hehehe

I bets its gots teeth marks now and so glads you gots Plague Ratsies too!

逆円助 said...


精神年齢 said...


Breezy said...

Oh, you guys are having so much fun! I love those plague ratsies. The lady says she's going to get me one.

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