Happy Purrday Ramses

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Oh dear! Ramses turned 2 yearz old on Munday an nocat remembered! Pore baby Rammy, so tooday we did haz a nice pawty fur him.

We had nip-tea wiv lil tiny toona sammiches an lots of delishush teensy nip-treatz. It wuz a purrday teapawty.

 After we nommed we wuz feelin frisky an we played chase an run. We had balloons floating arownd an nip wuz efurryware. Teh pingpong balls wuz batted an teh wigglerz wuz wiggled.

After all teh nomming an playing we did haz a tired. Today wuz cold n rainy so we terned teh fire on an teh eyez off. We all had teh nicest snooozes an dreamed of nip an turning 2.


Cathy Keisha said...

Poor Ramses that no one remembered. Happy Ramses after his tea pawty. Happy Birthday dear Ramses! xoxo

Daisy said...

Happy birthday, Ramses! I'm sorry nocat remembered until now, but at least you still get to have a good party!

blindmaximus said...

Happy belated Purrday, Ramses! I will try to put it on my calendar so that I remember next year.

Kea said...

Happy belated birthday, Ramses! This just gives you an excuse (if you need one) to party all week! :-)

P.S. Was this listed on the CB calendar? If not, email KC so she can get it up and everyone will know for next year!

-Fuzzy Tales

Mr Puddy said...

Happy belated Purrday, Ramses !!!!
I agree with Daisy, we still can do the pawty !!!
Let's have Fun !!!!
Hug and Kisses

Mariodacat said...

Happy Birthday Ranses. Looks like you had a fun tea party and got lots of prezzies too.

Shawnee the Shepherd said...

Happy Birfday, Ramses! It can be a good thing when your birfday be furgotted coz then the hoomans feel all guilty and you get more celebrashuns than if'n they had rememmered.

Admiral Hestorb said...

Oh Ramses, Happy Birfday sweet boy. Many kissies and paw hugs to you. You had a wonderful pawty and your sisfur Panda loves you so much. So does your mommy. What a glorious pawty that you had.


Bad Andy said...

Ramses - you are one handsome grey Tuxedo! Bummer they forgot your special day, but sure looks like you had a super great day, today - YaY! Plus you can keep 'milking' it for several more days....guilt factor is on your side, dude. *wink*

ConCATs on turning 2 XoX

marley said...

Happy burfdee Ramses. They did forget my birfdee this year too. It make em feel gilty and get out more presies so is not so bad after all

Admiral Hestorb said...

Ramses, I wish you could come over to play. I'll serve up some good noms!!!

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Oh Ramses we are sorry that we missed your birthday and that no one remembered. We would have been late anyway cause mom is so naughty, but still we are sorry it was late! We hope you had a fun party and we wish you a very happy belated birthday!!

Asta said...

Poow poow Wamses looked so sad.
I'm so sowwy that I didn' wish him happy second Biwday, so now I'm singing it..can you heaw me?
I love all you kittehs and am so happy to see you had some lovely nip tea and tuma sammiches finally to celebwate
smoochie kisses

Spitty-the-Kitty said...

Thank you for coming by my Blogoversary pawty! You have had a big pawty week, haven't you? I think you all need a good nap!

Happy belated Birfday, Ramses!

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