Meet Portia Desdemona Nikita

Sunday, April 19, 2009

This is the story of my frend Portia Desdemona Nikita. Portia is a 9 year old kitty who lives with her human momee and dadee. Portia Desdemona was born in the cold, cold outside world. Her mom-cat (called Mottl) moved Portia and her siblings into a warm box house at what would become Portia's furever home.
As you can see, Portia Desdemona Nikita is a tabby an she looks like she is part Maine Coon and part Persian. She has a cute little moustache pattern on her furz.
When Mottl moved her kittens in to the howse, the people named the kittens Othello, Juliette and Hamlet. But it turned out that little Hamlet was really Portia Desdemona! Othello and Juliette got adopted but Portia stayed with her parents in her furever home.

Portia Desdemona Nikita was a very scrappy kitten. When she was little she was very sick with ringworm. The vet said she was the fighting-est kitten he ever did see. An Portia did get better and now she is gorgeous an all grown up.

Because her moemy left when Portial and her siblings were still tiny, her human dadee taught them how to eat solid fudz. Portia didn't like to eats too much, so dadee stroked her from head to tail. An Portia still likes to be stroked when she eats fudz and they call her "shnicker schnack" when she eats. Portia is picky too - no fish!

Portia Desdemona's mommee and dadee loves her very much an she loves them. Even when her dadee had surgery and she jumped up right on his wound! He yelled and Portia was scared! But whenever her parents are sad or ill, Portia stays close by and takes care of them.

Portia's favorite toys are her mom's makeup brush, her plague ratsie an her kush-balls. She also likes to watch the birdies and chatter at them.
I hopes you likes to hear about Portia Desdemona Nikita.


Anonymous said...

That's a great blog Pandora. Portia is a lovely cat and she is very lucky to have found her furrever home with such nice people. I bet they feel lucky to have her too.


Baby Patches said...

Hai Pandafur! Great story about Portia, she is a dear furriend of mine! So nices of you to has her on your blog.

MisterPeabody said...

What a nice post. I love the pic of Portia camouflaged against the leopard print fabric. Cute!

TotallyLamont said...

Yep I was happy to read about Portia Desdemona here! Grate pictures too!

Duff said...

Portia looks so cute in her sun beam

Anonymous said...

She's still with us, even after our move from New York to Nevada. She now has a big house to play in. And she still sleeps with her mommee when she doesn't feel well. Great girl to have as a daughter.


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